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Here’s why luxury vinyl flooring is a great idea

For homeowners with no real-life luxury vinyl flooring experience, you might not know about the many benefits and options awaiting you in this flooring line. Options for a stunning appearance, great durability, and a nice lifespan are all a part of the luxury vinyl flooring experience.

No matter which rooms in your home need flooring, these materials will be a perfect fit. Offering a variety of characteristics and benefits that span a wide range of needs, you’ll want to compare your list of requirements as you read along with us here.

Luxury vinyl floors and their various benefits

When you arrive at our showroom, the first thing you notice about luxury vinyl floors is the amazing beauty in so many forms. You might be drawn to colorful patterns or a variety of mimicked natural resources such as stone, tile, and wood. Your décor matching abilities are extensive.

The durability offered by these materials are superb, resisting scratches, scuffs, denting, fading, and other signs of wear and tear. They were constructed to stand up to even the busiest homes and commercial conditions. Layers of stability add to the foundation of excellence you'll quickly grow to love. If you have any questions as you're reading, give us a call!
Choosing a waterproof option means these floors will have all the previously mentioned benefits, including imperviousness to liquids. Spills, accidents, leaks, and flooding will never cause water damage and your peace of mind will remain intact as long as these floors are in place.

Even though these floors are often touted as a great material for DIY projects, we strongly recommend a professional flooring installation. You'll get a perfect installation, you'll only pay for the materials installed in your home, and you'll always have someone to call should you experience any problems in the future.

A showroom where luxury vinyl floors can be found

When you visit DC Carpet at our Davie, FL showroom, you’ll find a great selection of luxury vinyl floors. We’ll be happy to help you browse the inventory and make sure you’re matched with materials that meet each of your preferences and requirements in flooring.

If you’re in the areas of Davie, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Weston, or Fort Lauderdale, we encourage you to visit us at your convenience. Our associates are ready to get right to work for you, no matter the size of your flooring project.