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Hardwood options for homeowners

Deciding to go with hardwood floors for your home is a very exciting time. As one of the most popular floor coverings on the market today, there are many benefits that go along with it. You’re not only choosing a material with which to cover your floors, you’re actually making an investment in your future. And we think it’s one you won’t ever regret.

At DC Carpet, we strive to make customer satisfaction our number one priority. In fact, we’ll work with you every step of the way, to make sure every facet of your flooring is exactly as it should be. We serve the areas of Davie, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Weston, and Fort Lauderdale with a showroom located in Davie, FL. If you stop by, we’ll have a flooring professional available who can answer all of your questions and show you samples of our entire flooring line.

Hardwood isn’t just a floor covering

When someone has hardwood flooring installed in their home, they are installing so much more than just a floor covering. With the longest lifespan of just about any other flooring, it’s likely to be the last floor you have installed. This means it can be passed on to future generations who, with proper care and maintenance, will enjoy it for many more years as well.
On the other hand, if you know in advance that you will be selling your home, these floors will still be an asset to you. Studies have shown that homes with solid wood floors bring more on the market than homes with other floor coverings do. So, you’re likely to get back what you budgeted for these floors in the first place. An investment in the future is never a bad choice.

In the meantime, you’ll have some other decisions to make including which species of wood to choose. Some species, such as oak, are much harder than others are, and they stand up better to high levels of traffic. They also do a better job of resisting scratches and scuffs that are sure to happen over time. Softer woods are fine for areas that experience lower traffic levels, such as bedrooms or libraries, and they can be further protected by area rugs and runners. No matter what options you choose, you’ll definitely want to have these floors installed by a professional. Not only does the job require specialized tools, but a great deal of experience as well.